OIDC Platform + OAuth 2.0

OKTA as Key Manager in WSO2 API Manager


a. This article explains Federated Identity provider integration with WSO2 API Manager and access to protected microservices through API Gateway using OIDC 2.0 + OAuth 2.0.
b. Access token validation initiated from WSO2 API Gateway through OKTA Key Manager configuration in WSO2 API Manager.
c. Virtual services, Resources, Endpoints, Life cycle.
d. Id token, Access token, X-JWT-Assertion propagation to protected microservices developed using Spring boot / Spring framework.
e. Proof of Concept developed, and tested.


a. OKTA, as Identity provider. A developer account would suffice. b. WSO2 API Manager v3.2.0, as API Gateway. Free product download available. c. Microservices development…

Learn IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) & IBM Process Server

Service Oriented Architecture — SOA


This article shows how to integrate IBM® WebSphere® Service Registry and Repository(WSRR) with Process Server. It explains how to configure SSL, WSRR definitions and perform dynamic endpoint lookup. The advantage of this approach is that when web service URLs change, they can be directly updated in WSRR, and there is no need to modify or redeploy the mediation module.


a. IBM Integration Designer
b. WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
c. IBM Process Server

More about Process Server

In April 2011, IBM announced IBM Business Process Manager, a single unified BPM platform to support the entire range of business process improvement projects. IBM Business Process…

Learn IBM BPM Advanced + Process Designer + Integration Designer

Use IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation through Secure Sockets Layer with IBM BPM Advanced


If a business process contains activities that communicate from Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) to Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), you can integrate IBM BPM Advanced with IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation. Then process participants (business users) don’t need to be sitting in front of a computer. They can trigger the request from a mobile device and invoke a business process, which is an easy way to arrive at the same result. This article walks through a business use case that defines the interaction between a hybrid MobileFirst application, the user-centric BPMN in IBM Process Designer, and the system-centric BPEL in…

Learn Kerberos v5 with Spring Security: IAM

Seamless SPNEGO HTTP Authentication

3 components in Kerberos
3 components in Kerberos

Learn SP-initiated Single Sign-on Flow: IAM

SAML 2.0 Platform + Okta as Identity provider


This article explains SAML2.0 SSO with multiple service providers built using Spring Security and registering them with OKTA which acts as Identity provider.

What is SAML SSO ?

SAML single sign-on goal is to minimize the number of times a user has to login at various web sites. It facilitates the user to manually login at one site (called the Identity provider(IdP) and then automatically logging in, without having to provide credentials, at one or more other sites (called the Service providers (SP)).
A trust relationship must exist between the identity provider and service providers. …

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